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Low-Cost, Accessible News Distribution Service

mononews' services are far less expensive than traditional newswire services.

The price is fixed at $150 for a single language press release, $200 for a press release in English and French whatever the length of the text, the number of targeted geographical areas, support material or the time of the day.

There is no cost to subscribe, no monthly fees and no variable costs.

The rates of other newswire companies vary depending on whether the press release is a "regular" or a "Social Media Press Release". Their rates may also vary depending on the number of words in the press release, the geographic region you target, and the time of the day you submit your press release.

It is clear that even if you post in 2 languages, the cost differential is significant.

mononewsis easy-to-use; you can post your lifestyle news release and have it visible online within minutes. You can even edit or correct your press releases at any time in real time.

We also offer a special service for not-for-profit, local cultural initiatives and community and public service organizations. This no-charge basic service includes a press release accompanied by a single photo, to a limited universe of up to 700 reporters.

Get the best value when posting your Press Release. mononews is economical and efficient.

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