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Matthew David Parker is All Set To Start Salsa Dancing Classes For Adults

March 7, 2017

Matthew David Parker, an award-winning salsa instructor, is all set to start salsa dancing classes for adults at Lafayette Salsa Dance Studio. He started his dance studio in 2010 to teach salsa and all other Latin dances to the local community. So far, he has thousands of students all over the world learning his skills and techniques. Classes usually last for one hour with 30 minutes of warm-up.

When asked for the reason to start salsa for adults, he replied, “There are many people who have not started dancing at an early age and who may want to give it a shot when they reach their 30’s or even their golden years. So, this is for them who still aspire to learn those groovy moves and perform a social dance at clubs or gatherings.”

Matthew David Parker also said in an interview that the dance instruction is different for different age groups. Adults will have certain limitations as well as concerns that do not bother other age groups. That’s why, there will be a small warm-up session before the class actually starts to avoid injuries. After a good warm-up, dancers will proceed to the center of the studio. There are myriad of health benefits for adults as salsa dancing enhances their flexibility, balance, and speed.

Now, the Lafayette Salsa Dance Studio will have a separate session for adults to learn those moves and turns to ‘wow’ their friends and relatives at parties.