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FLEXTHERM launches its first customized floor heating system

March 19, 2013


Isabelle Marcil
Communications Coordinator, FLEXTHERM
800-353-9843 #381

LONGUEUIL (March 18, 2013) – FLEXTHERM, the floor heating systems industry leader, is proud to unveil InnoFLEX, its very first floor heating system tailored to perfectly fit the room and the objects in which it is being installed.

Easy, quick and customized – that is the best way to describe this new product. It is by combining its revolutionary FLEXSnap installation system and its renowned Green Cable Surface that FLEXTHERM created InnoFLEX, a completely tailored product that provides a perfect coverage regardless of the room’s size or shape.

Since the heating cable is already inserted in the plastic mesh at a distance determined according to the project’s specifications, the installation of InnoFLEX includes only two steps: unroll it and secure it to the floor using screws provided with the system. It goes without saying that the complete installation of a floor heating system can now be counted in minutes. The installer will then be able to proceed right away with the glazing and installing of the ceramic or porcelain tiles using a polymer-modified mortar or self-leveling underlayment approved by FLEXTHERM.

To get a new InnoFLEX system, clients must submit a plan of the room where the product will be installed or send the construction plans to FLEXTHERM.

FLEXTHERM’s Customer Service team will provide an estimate, and once the order is confirmed, produce the customized floor heating system. InnoFLEX is shipped within 5 (five) business days.

The advantages

In addition to ensuring a perfect coverage of the heating cable, InnoFLEX offers various advantages, including:
Replaces the second plywood required during the installation of ceramic or porcelain tiles (rated Extra Heavy by the Tile Council of North America)
Protects the cable during the tile installation
Offered in 2W or 3W with 120V, 208V or 240V cables for greater flexibility
Energy savings up to 28 %*
EMF-free (electromagnetic fields)**
Allows for a more uniform transition between a tiled, heated floor and an adjacent natural hardwood floor
Allows for a more uniform surface heat due to a larger thermal mass
Built entirely in FLEXTHERM’s plan where quality controls are implemented throughout the production process

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FLEXTHERM is the leader in electric floor heating systems. Founded in 1991, the company is a pioneer in its field and introduced electric floor heating technology as it is now known. Today, the company enjoys an enviable reputation based on innovation and premium quality products manufactured in its plant. FLEXTHERM products are sold throughout Canada and in the United States.

Isabelle Marcil
Communications Coordinator, FLEXTHERM
Tel.: 800-353-9843 ext. 381

*In a room heated by a FLEXTHERM floor heating system.

**Based on the installation instructions included in our FLEXTHERM installation guide, the recorded EMF measurement is considered insignificant (between 0.25 mG and 0.5 mG).