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New Resource for Canadian Hearing Aid Consumers

September 23, 2016

CANADA, Sept. 23, 2016 – It’s time for change in the hearing aid marketplace. Over two-million people live with hearing loss in Canada. The vast majority of them either feel they can’t afford hearing aids or aren’t convinced the benefits justify the cost.

Independent Hearing Clinics of Canada (IHCC) has launched a new website,, providing a unique perspective on the challenges facing both the hearing aid consumer and the industry. The website discusses topics of trust, quality, objectivity, and fair pricing which, according to IHCC, substantially impact consumer satisfaction and value. Free resources, including a checklist for buying hearing aids, a searchable map of hearing clinics, and rating information for many of the latest hearing aid models are also available.

Jon Elliott, founder of IHCC says, “Better hearing changes lives. Canadians depend on the hearing aid industry for this essential service. 80% of hearing loss sufferers are neither willing nor able to purchase hearing aids. That’s a sign that something is terribly wrong. Many have lost trust in the industry, as well as hope for an improved quality of life. Something has to change. is a first step toward positive change. It’s a website aimed at today’s value-conscious hearing aid consumer who will now have access to all the information needed to understand the building blocks of an effective hearing solution and how to acquire one for themselves, to get a transparent cost breakdown and, most importantly, to accurately measure value. Empowering Canadian consumers and promoting quality service and industry change is a win/win for everyone.”

Visit to gain access to hearing aid consumer resources. To find out more about IHCC and the services they offer to independent hearing clinics, visit or send an email to

Independent Hearing Clinics of Canada

Independent Hearing Clinics of Canada (IHCC) is a registered business association for independent hearing clinics across the country. Through consumer advocacy and public awareness initiatives, IHCC works to identify and attract new hearing aid consumers and to help them identify and achieve high-value hearing solutions. IHCC promotes independent hearing clinics that commit to the highest standards of service, encouraging their sustained growth in the short-term while identifying and pursuing long-term benefits.

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