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MYOGENIX® is now available in Canada, through Vincero Nutrition Inc.

November 29, 2016

Vincero Nutrition Inc. is proud to announce that the California based supplement brand Myogenix®, is finally available in Canada, through Canadian distributor Vincero Nutrition Inc.
Since 1999, Myogenix® established itself as a worldwide leading and innovative brand. Myogenix is renowned for precisely formulated products, high quality supplements and high demand products such as MYOLEAN 100% WHEY PROTEIN™, MYOGENIX® CREATINE and MYOVITE®.

• 5 lbs. (81 servings). Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and *Strawberry flavors.
• 40g of Premium Performance Protein
• Rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids (9.6g of BCAAs)
• Contains 18 Essential & Non-Essential Amino Acids (20g of EAAs)
• Added Electrolytes (Sodium (From Sea Salt) & Potassium)
• BeneFat™ (Flaxseed Powder & Borage Oil)
• Mixes Fast, Tastes Great, Digests Easily!

MYOLEAN 100% WHEY PROTEIN™ and MYOGENIX® CREATINE will be available for retailers as early as January 2017 for sale. To order or know more about Myogenix®, please contact Vincero Nutrition Inc. by email at or visit our website

*Strawberry is available as special order

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