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October 23, 2017

We have seen many event registration sites some of which are good & some are average. Well as the event industry growing every day at tremendous speed. New websites are coming to this niche.

I was stumbleupon the one site which is, this site seems to like new comers but in after investigating it, I found that it was founded in 2006. It has same age as that of event hosting giant Eventbrite. Clearly it wasn’t that popular as Eventbrite.

After further investigation I found that there were some issues because of which this site doesn’t able to come in limelight. The founders said that there was some technical & financial problems. Which now seems to be tackled successfully and result of which this site is growing at high speed. It is basically founded in Sweden, Malmo.

Looks like one competitor came up for the ticketmaster. It is getting popular in Sweden & in India. Mattias says that after some improvement in the website tools and speed of website it will good to go around the world. Well it was “Mattias Jacobsson” founder of the eventry.

When I asked to Mattias, “ How are you gonna get ahead of top websites like Eventbrite, Eventzilla & Eventsmart ?”

He said, “ It’s not the platform which going to get us at the top, it is the event & you (users) who are the real king maker. And this site has focus on offering the best of services to peoples who are finding the event & one who wants to post event online. We have the unique variety of event which no one has in the market currently. Hopefully peoples loves it.”

Well, I must the site is good. The categories it has. I have never seen other sites even in Eventbrite. This is good site to sell event tickets online. Eventry has to work very hard to get ahead of the industry giants. Don’t be surprise if you see eventry among top event hosting platforms. Ok then check out this platform & enjoy the events.