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Specialized Lifestyle, Arts and Entertainment Focus

mononews' expertise is the targeted distribution of lifestyle and cultural news. Unlike other newswire services, where business and financial news predominate, we specialize in the area of arts, leisure, culture and consumer-oriented goods and services.

The lifestyle, arts and entertainment environment is highly dynamic and extremely demanding. Reporters are constantly seeking content. mononews delivers relevant news to them directly, thereby saving them the time they would need to spend searching for your news.

mononews focuses exclusively on accessing reporters in the lifestyle, arts and entertainment fields and disseminating your stories, invitations, reminders, announcements and communications under the appropriate category or categories of news to make it most appropriate for, and useful to, the targeted journalists.

Each post of a press release on mononews, is custom targeted to the category or categories you choose for your news release: Arts & Entertainment; Beauty & Fashion, Food, Games, Green, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Lifestyle, Sports, Tech, Transportation and Travel.

Based on its subject matter and its geographical/regional association, the news release is delivered directly by e-mail directly to a specific subset of specialized reporters.

Showcase your news in the appropriate environment – mononews is the site for Lifestyle, Arts and Entertainment news and information.

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